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About us

Livefoods Direct is Britain's foremost supplier of livefoods and associated products. Until fairly recently it was know as The Mealworm Company but has been under the same ownership since it was established in Sheffield (UK) more than 25 years ago. The company specialises in breeding a wide range of invertebrate species including mealworms, locusts and crickets to less familiar kinds such as waxworms and several flies.

Livefoods Direct has recently added a small range of equipment including heating, lighting, etc with applications for herpetologists, bird keepers and other small livestock enthusiasts.

Each week throughout the year Livefoods Direct breeds a minimum of 9,000,000 mealworms, 2,500,000 crickets. 110,000 locusts and a broad range of other species. For more information about our full range of products, either browse our on-line catalogue by clicking under the departments or products you are interested in or go into the 'contact us' section for further guidance.

We are a close-knit and skilled team committed to maintaining high levels of quality and service. Among those who may deal with your order or inquiry are Anne-Marie, Chantelle, Annette, Linda or Pat. We do our best to help customers who may have problems with their livestock - and if we are unable to provide an answer directly, we can almost certainly find someone who is able to help!

All prices quoted are inclusive of carriage. Orders weighing up to 1.5kg gross are despatched by first-class post. Next day arrival rate is 90.3% according to Royal Mail figures published in March 2008. Orders weighing more than 1.5kg are delivered by courier to arrive the day after despatch from here. Our courier achieves a success rate in excess of 93%. Please note for courier deliveries someone must be available to provide a signature.

Our despatch department aims to ship orders received before noon Monday to Thursday on the same day. Thus an order received here on Monday morning, 9 times out of 10, should reach the customer on Tuesday. Orders received after noon are despatched the following day. Our" Live Arrival Guarantee" means that if your order arrives and the insects are dead, we will replace the lost portion as soon as possible without charge.

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